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FreshFICO was founded by a group financial professionals with experience in lending secured and unsecured loans. What we have learned is to lend to the person and not simply the FICO score. FreshFico helps individuals who have endured an endless cycle of credit card debt take charge of their lives and get back on the road to financial stability. People need real help and shouldn't feel overwhelmed by unusually high compounding interest rates. We offer comprehensive loans that will dramatically lower your monthly minimum payment, save you thousands in interest, and get you on your way to becoming financially independent. Listed below are the types of products we offer to our valued customers.

Personal Loans

Pay off credit cards, debt or cover expenses and consolidate those high interest rates saving you thousands a year. Personal loans have monthly payments and NO PREPAYMENT PENATLY. Funding in 24-hours. Our financial experts will find the right loan for you.

Business Loans

We know cash flow is critical to running a successful small business. Money can grow your business, pay off debt and not be on the hook personally. Business loans allow you to leverage your business assets to get the capital you need to keep things running smooth.Whether you are looking to maintain your current company needs, or trying to grow your business, let our experts help.

Account Validation

The process of invalidating erroneous debts is an analysis of your credit report and preparation of correspondence to your creditors or collection agencies seeking validation of your debts. Once you are enrolled in our validation program, a dispute package is sent to each creditor and collection agency demanding that they provide the correct documentation and proof of their right to collect from you pursuant to state and federal law.

If the creditors and collection agencies are unable to provide accurate documentation, which we find is often the case, the debt is classified as invalid and therefore is unable to be collected upon.

Once the accounts have been deemed invalid, we begin working with the credit bureaus to eliminate any derogatory marks on your credit report associated with those accounts. Over time, this repairs your credit score. This is the most effective way to eliminate invalid debts and repair your credit while expending the least amount of money.

Mortgage Loans

Refinance or purchase loans made easy. Whether you are buying a new home or taking advantage of todays low rates for a refinance or cash out, we make it easy.

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